The first letter of love

I do not know why I’m feeling like crying. I do not know for voidness, fullness, dependence or loneliness. Just understand why there is a feeling of anger in the chest, and a couple of eyes from the hidden place are crying and the two eyes want to burst. Because you are not near, vacuum looks like he wants to be his cruel game. I have hidden the face of your chest is now! But how far away you are! Say!

Today, a small incident like the cloud covered by the gust of wind in the last afternoon was completely fluttering all my doubts! I realized that the great tribune gave me the ridiculous small time life. You are my only man in that life, whose five fingers are my five fingers, whose smell of stricken sweat is the only destination of my smell. I will lose my shy hair. And I will be lost to love !!!

Whose two lovely handsome lips are in the warmth, so life is just as beautiful as those weird flowers, which I was surprised to see. And you gently covered me with all your imagination and filled your lip with a very sweet touch. And then the evil wind of that distant mountain came and told me secretly, that my body was made by the ribs of your rib, which is called a husband!

Today I felt the absolute truth in my heart every moment – I am just yours. I found that last address. Never let it be a lie, never give up. Give me a very happy hand today, and do not turn the look of those strange eyes, while looking stealthily, I was also delighted with the rain!

You love Prachanda – I do not know any other truth for now! Love you!


Go back even after saying

Returned to meet the fourth time blue. Today blue is a bit more thoughtful. Because blue is not just walking as well as other days, today she has put a note written in the hand of Nilera a few days ago. Neil is very well known to Neilara, but from simple to critical, they develop a problem. There was no name. Blue became desperate to give a name for that relationship. Blue, however, loved him from the beginning. At the first meeting with him, Neelu fell in love with Nilara.

Neelu wanted to understand blue she loved blue. But Sapphire is too stubborn to say that he will not face anything negative. The brave blue will not have the courage to talk about the love of courage and courage in front of him. So he chose the right medium. Another problem with that is that the handwriting of blue is not good. What is he thinking? On one hand there is no dare to say, on the other hand handwriting is bad. Thinking that it will be seen, you chose the note. Once you have done six times three times, after writing six times, choose the fifth chunk. It’s good to write the fifth column. Take it lightly and take it lightly. Blue was thinking that Nilara’s birthday will be remembered. But the fate is the birthday of Neelara’s birthday party at the party keeps her mother.

Neela did not leave the house. The water that falls on the plan that is being made on the occasion of the birth of blue nilara. And yes blue blue was bought for a gift. That day was not given anymore. This is the blue opportunity to meet Neelara on the third day of the day that the blue will go to college today. Blue came out like a gift with a gift, with a note in the book pocket. She wanted to take her with her favorite pink rose and a red rose rosette but she could not open the flower shop in the morning. So, sadly, without flowers, blue went to meet Nilara. Fear fear is blue with blue. The message is not the same.

Still trying to say something blue is a failure. Nice face impression base on the face If you think the blue will smash the face of the smile. Blue will not give up thinking. The mind and the heart complained. Because this is something for you, you pick out the gift from the bag and hands it to the front of the college. Neel came to blue without giving him a chance to say anything. Blue gave a note to the trouble with a note in the book pocket on the left side of the chest. He gave a status of the status of his status on the night. He felt blue like Eed with blue eyes. Got excited When the courage comes out. So today she returns with a note.

Love episode of the book

Faisal Adrita’s love relationship was going on in a couple of years, and I said that this is because the reason for their innocent love is going to come to an end today. Adrita is thinking about this and is looking at the mirror in one of the eyes. In the meantime, the vibration of the mobile phone, Faisal’s phone. The phone said from the other side,

– \ – \ hello, the dead bird (Faisal loves to call her autumn birds)

– \ – \ John the father of Qi (Adrita Faisal calls her father as a queue)

– \ – Will you come to meet in the afternoon?

– \ – Yes, the father of the queue, I’ll come.

– \ – \ The university’s bakul flower will be under the tree, but.

– \ – \ ‘ll be okay. Do not let me, but I can not stay for more than an hour.

– \ – \ ……………

– \ – \ What are you talking about that?

– \ – The dead bird, I’ll be in the right place. I’m keeping it now, huh ??

– \ – Listen, ,,,,

– \ – say yes

– \ – Do not stay.

Aditya kept the phone. And at the same time, Faisal was feeling the pain in the left side of the chest. He knew that after keeping the phone, crazy sobbing weeping. Thinking back to this, Faisal went back a year ago. He has just admitted the university, he is a Gandhter. He did not do that. Raz finished the class and went down to the bakul tree and started tung banging with the guitar. He knows how to play well. Aditya noticed a few days after going to her house. One day she sat down beside herself. Faisal was a little disappointed in the day. Before that she never came in contact with women, because she is a village boy. There is no such opportunity for children in villages like villages.

And everyone in the village knew Faisal as polite, so he kept himself away from all this.

Faisal closed the suttonily suddenly. The invisibility came with a lot of charm and said – You sound beautiful! Aditya was the daughter of the city, so she was less shy. Faisal replied, try it a little. Just smile the smile. Then they got acquainted with each other.

Although they were not in the same department, they were seen every day. Together they had a routine routine, rickshaw, chat, chatting, etc. In the midst of this, Aditya was weak in Faisal and not Faisal, but she did not reveal it, Because he knows how Aditya is the daughter of a girl. After that he is a little boy of the farm. So he has to think a lot of things, which is not available for the poor, he has learned at this age. Faisal are also.

Suddenly, Adritya’s phone comes. Faisal is talking about the phone, Faisal.

– \ – \ hello autumn birds

– \ – Yes, baby of the queue, I’m coming out of the house. Come on, come on.

– \ – \ I’m also going out.

– \ – Faisal. Will you keep one thing?

– \ – \ What’s the matter, please, please.

– \ – While coming, blue birds will fall. Do not come …

– Come on. – Come on

– \ – \ n \ nAditas left the house.

– \ – \ What’s the matter, please, please.

– \ – While coming, blue birds will fall. Do not come …

– Come on. – Come on

– \ – \ n \ nAditas left the house.

Blue color is very dear to both of them. So they wear blue color in any special days. Even though there is no special shot today, Adrita is trying to find out the old memory for the last time. I have already done much with her, but I am not apologizing for that Whether it is right or not, why did not he forgive me? I repeatedly asked myself the same question, and driving the car. Under the barkul tree. Faisal has not yet come. So, Adrita is sitting under the tree and waiting. The garden is still the same as before, every flower of the tree is filled with white flowers. And the era may be standing in the tree, the flowers will be filled with swelling and stems. A pair of duran birds. It was a bit of fun to think of Aditya. When Faisal is sitting beside him, Aditya did not get the slightest answer. Faisali was the first to talk It says, it comes back from the world of thought.

– \ – when are you ever ???

– \ – \ It’s just. I’m sorry to get it.

Looked at Adrita, Faisal’s face. Faisal’s head is lying down. He knows that many questions will be faced by him today. Both are silent, silent. Ending silence is called as Adrita

– \ – – You’re going to make a wedding. Do you really love me?

Faisal smiled a happy smile, “Yes, I’m so happy today.” She did not even make a mistake in thanking her.

– I do not want to know whether I was wrong, but am I not worthy of forgiveness? (Faisal’s caller holds a lot)

– Faisal then confessed himself and acknowledged himself completely.

The answer to this question was to Faisal, but he did not agree to do so.

What does it mean to say that he does not want to make the weight of his own problems worse?

– \ – I have the answer to all of your questions but I do not want to answer him. But from that day onwards I have not expected anything other than yours, I am not expecting any exception to this day. You are happy about your new family. Come on, I just want it.

– \ – \ There is no talking about idol. He is very rocky.

Seeing when one hour passed, one of them did not even notice.

Finally, Adrita just told me to hold me tight ??

Why did not you even dare to know why I did not even know Faisal? It was just that he had said that I did not have that right. This is why he went into the car with his clutches.

Faisal was standing like an idol and seeing the moving of the rock in the rock scene. The car continued to disappear in the river.

Now Faisal screams, and the bakul tree will be the real witness of the crying cry. Will this tears reach the ears of the poor?

Faisal is the only child of his parents. During the birth of Faisal, his mother died. Faisal’s father did not marry any more, but he grew up with his mother and father’s love. His father did not have any land. He used to work on another’s land to raise his son. He did not have any problem with Faisal, but he did not have to work for Faisal. Since her involvement with love, her expenses have increased greatly, and for that she is pushing her helpless poor father. For today, this fee, Kalayi Fee, the fee is to pay the fees to the exploiters of his poor father. He did not even think for a time that he would give money to this man who worked harder than ever. Still, his father smiled all the money in the face. And this cost Instant money to spend would love to do a happy man.

For a time, his father’s sweat did not get wet in front of his eyes. The whole time when Aditya was sitting on his birthday for Faisal on iPhone, Faisal started pressuring his father for money. His father went to Matabbar of the village and went to collect his house by pledging him. But the mother refused to give him money because the payers’ books were huge. So the maternal uncle made him clear. No money can be paid. Money has not worked in the hands of many children, but it is tenacious. Once upon a time the mother beat and kicked him, and hit him with a wooden chair and hit him on the ground. After this incident, Faisal’s conscience became awake, asking himself, did his poor father dream about him, was that his crime? Did he ever try to understand his father’s silent face?

So, could Faisal be able to dream of his father ???

Faisal can not think of anything else.

The real love was born to her father, she could not see that love, then she would love to have a girl in two days, love her, love her.

And all those guilts are constantly eating him every day. No one has the right to love or love anybody. Today he is crazy about today.

* Feeling like *

I used to go to read a private way. Whenever I used to go, I used to see a girl at the right time. It was good to see. Seeing a girl in a big house can be understood. I used to see the girl almost every day. The girl looked at me with a smile and smile. But I could not find any meaning of laughter. I forgot to introduce myself. I choose. We are two brothers. We live in a middle-class family.

The girl has a grocery store in front of her house. I, Deepa and Shilan, these three friends sometimes used to chat at the shops. When we had a chat at the shop, the girl stood in their belt. I had an eye contact with her. You may think I love the girl. There is nothing like that. I just want to chat.

That’s the timepass. I thought maybe I would go to their house to see the girl. Or go behind her to see her. In fact, she was beautiful but I did not think anything about her. I do not want to love her again. There is enough reason behind this. That’s not what you think.

You think maybe I do not like my love because I’ve had a chakra. I do not have any mentality to be loved.

Today, I went to the shop to meet the three friends. In this situation, I still see the girl standing in their belt. So we were chatting with three. At that time Shilan said

Seeing a house in front of Shilan?

I am. What happened?

Shillon: See a girl sitting there

What am I to do?

Dipahta: this silence why you get so much attention to the girls?

Sheilaanaraya girl is looking at us

I have looked so I have a look

Do you see anyone in front of us?

Not shilanah

I’m quiet


We gave a chat for another 20 minutes. Then we came to our home. We came to bed after studying a little and went to sleep.

In the morning, wake up call to sleep mother.

Choose this option

I am

Do not mow up

Me: Why hurry?

Do not you want to go to our village home?

I do not think so.

Mardhah got up early and did not get ready

I’m fine, you go

Good morning

I got up early and got ready for free. Today we are going to the village house. After some time we went to the village house.

After traveling for 4 hours long, reached the village home. I exchange greetings with all the people of the house.

We had a total of 7 days. I made fun of these three days. I made fun of eating straw fruit from all the trees in the village. I am again naughty nature.

Three days later, I returned home again. It is a little sad. I remember those who had been with them for 7 days. There is nothing else to do. So I got a sweat from the freshness. It was broken in the afternoon. After the break, I see private time is still there. When I was sitting in the private home after meeting privately, suddenly the girl stood in front of me.

Why did I stand in front of me?

The girl is calling you from the conversation, do not you hear?

How do I know that you are calling me? And what do you need me to do?

The girl is in the city. Now tell me how long have you been?

Why am I?

Hey, I heard that

I do not say that

The girl?

I do not know you

I read it in the tenth grade. I knew it now?

I’m not

What’s the girl?

I did not introduce myself

The girl. I know you.

How am i?

Ritu from your friend

I’m good

Ritu. Where did he say?

Do not tell me

What is it?

I just got known. It can not be shared in all these things.

Riyatah, can we be a friend?

I can do it

Well, we are friends from now on

I am

Ritu. We are friends from now on

I’m sorry

Ritu: Where did you say?

I went home

Ritu. Oh well, will you talk about me?

I say so

Do you have gastroenteritis?

I have been there (lying)

Ritu went to the quilt without saying anything or anything else. I said that it will be clogged. It is very difficult to understand their feelings. I returned home. I saw another situation in the house. Look, my father and mother are looking at me with anger. At this time, at home, the house does not stay at home any time. They are also swallowing me with eyes.

Dad, listen to this choice

Am I?

Do you love me?


Dad: I mean, what do you love?

I’m not

Mataathelay Ritu told us lies?

Who am I?

You have said that you have a gooffer

How do you know Ritu?

Father is my friend’s daughter. She also told us all.

I am lying

You tell me in the night that you will be ready

I do not know

Mraj is your marriage

I’m okay.Kihahah, my marriage?

Father: Tonight your marriage with Ritu

Why am I married with Ritu?

Father: You were married at the time. And after listening to you in the afternoon, Ritu has given a lot. So her father is today

You want to get married.

I can not get married now.

My parents left after hearing about me. Bolaam then survived. But my idea is that I got married on the wrong night.

Now the bus is moving towards the house. Ritu greeted me just as soon as I entered the house.

I said okay?

Ritu: Say hello

Amah. Why did you say to your parents about the gooffer?

Ritukkarna is going to be my marriage with you. And she will love how many hobbies

I lied to you. I do not love.

Ritunahana is good then

I am fine now my wife?

What is the rivalry

I am a little bit adamant?

Rituu naughty

Nine eyes are watching the rest of the TV. There is no time to say anything else.

Get from the dream

Get from the dream

Is that what you hear?

-Speak the zoo.

I will go to college every day from day to day.

What I said, I do not know you.

What happened, I know you.

-Look, why would I take you to college?

I want to do what I say, and do not see any of these cigarettes in your hands.

Before going to understand something, the elephant took a note by hand and went away.

Looking down a bit, I did not feel like the people around me. It is not possible to see the people in the pocket.


12:45 am in the night

Suddenly, I want to see the note.

It is surprising that I saw the note. It is necessary to read them that my hill needs equal conviction. At the end, very little writing-

You want to be a dream man, and the name is written by a little bit, birds. I went to sleep, keeping the book.


I was drowning in the college campus with friends.

-Why is that so arrogant?

There is some fear in the light of the girl’s lightning. In college, I wanted to know about the girl, I have got all the information in the responsibility of giving up the responsibility of the friends. In her statement, she does not speak with any kind of boy without any discussions about the study.

-What is the point of hearing?

-Speak the zoo.

You did not read my letter?

I have run away

The college came with me on the back.

-What is the relation of coming to college with the letter?

There is nothing to understand, let’s go together now.

What are you saying? Why should I walk with you?

I want to do this.

Despite not wanting to go, because the haramy friends are busy spreading me. Of course they have received a sweet thanks to her.


I am walking and wondering, when this girl is talking with an unmarried son like me. My words are bound up to yes and no. But the girl is not disturbed.

– So many walks, now let’s sit.

To say that when she came to you, she did not seem to be able to talk to you. These girls think that everyone is very easy to do.

– Let’s sit down. But there is no hotel or restaurant here.

-What is the tea shop?

Now I am surprised. Now the girls do not understand anything except the restaurant, but this girl is quite the opposite.


-Catch a tea.

Why do not you eat?



You see that I can eat tea at my shop every day, I see your tea every day. I was watching it from near.

-Any time the more time is going to surprise.

-What’s the rubbish, eat tea.

– I’m eating. But you also eat.

I do not eat.


-Good Boy

-Is eating cigarettes?

-Key ??

I did not say anything.

– Eat it right.

– You’re right?

– Eat honey, I’ll eat.

Why do you eat?

If you can not eat it, then you have to learn.


Well, why are you always like that dumb? However, boys need to stay this but you are a little too much.

-Hum, many say.

What do you mean?

-What do the friends and me?




I got tired body in bed. I am thinking of the day of the day, all I could get from the dream. The intensity of the intensity started to ring the mobile.


-What are you doing?

-I’m lying down here.

– Did you eat dinner?

-Can not eat after a while.

– Well, eat it.


-That’s why we keep it like today.

-Hom up.

-Well, well.


– Say it?

-Thank you.

-Many later.

-Does not be good?

I will miss a lot.

What will happen?

-Will not be able to.

I can not forget even

-That’s true?


– Many people

Do not let me down



You got in the dream as soon as possible.

How did you get it, I know you do not dream

-Hum. But the reality seems to be a dream.

-Anyway, I’ll wait for tomorrow.


I do not want to take a cigarette, but I do not understand why I do not even want to.

I do not want to lose my thoughts in spite of not wanting. It is a little strange that I have to dream from now on. It is also a dream of a world of rejuvenation.

(Finished). ……